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Working in the Brazilian market since 1999, we at have a highly trained and qualified team, always in tune with the constant innovations of the digital medium

Needing efficient and fast SMTP?

Get a high-scalability SMTP for your business and deliver more transactional emails. That's right we build projects according to your company, small, medium and large in high connectivity servers.

done SMTP Dedicated

done For application in ERP's

done With self-control

done Dedicated Servers

done Specialized Support

Bring your project and reduce the impact of your monthly investment with our servers!

We will be in touch

We will contact you

Need more space in the cloud for data sharing, storage and backup?

Streamline or access your company and exchange data between your employees and even home office customers!

done Exclusive or shared space

done Access via FTP

done Daily backups in two different routines and different places

done Dedicated servers or VPS

done Specialized support

Bring your data and streamline access to information for your entire team!

Global Hosting for Businesses from Around the Globe!

Our servers are spread all over the globe so that we can serve the diverse companies in all United States and in other countries like: Mexico, Spain, Portugal among others ...


Features that made us unique

Services designed to satisfy our customers

Managed service

Our technicians will take care of everything so that you can have the best experience in hosting websites.

Specialized technicians

Our technicians are highly specialized and updated on the latest in hosting technology.

24/7 Support

By telephone during business hours or by email 24 hours with personalized service.

High performance

DataCenters servers of last generation of high connectivity and security.

Highly recommended

We have high customer retention rate; many of them with more than 10, 12 and even 18 years of partnership.

Positive Comments

We are constantly evaluated and our clients provide us with precious suggestions and comments that help us to evolve always

We take care of your web project so you can take care of your business

You will be able to dedicate to your company and your business without worries with your hosting of emails and website! We are at your disposal whenever you need!



Emails per hour


Hosted Projects


Tickets answered


Coffee cups

Do I need to have a webmaster?

No, our plans are managed precisely because our team is able to play this role for your company, without you having to spend on human capital.

Can I have support for my company machines?

No, all of our work is restricted to your web server, and we do not support local machines and systems such as Windows, Office packages, or configurations of email clients such as Outlook and Mozilla.

What programming language does my website need to have?

Our servers are Linux-based and therefore we host projects that use CGI, Fast CGI, PHP 5.6+, Ruby (on Rails), Perl, Python, MySQL database and so on.

Looking for a customized solution?

We develop hosting projects according to your demand and need of your company. Balanced, scalable and high performance for large volumes of traffic and simultaneous requests or sending transactional emails. Bring your project to MaxiServers.Net!